Here is our FAQs to help you understand a little more about how we work:

How long will a session last?

We leave an hour for a session so you are not to rushed, however a session maybe less than this.

How many sessions will I need?

We do not like to specify how many sessions it will take, however we will not book you in specific times as each person if different, so 2 people with the same condition will be treated individually, according to their needs.

Will you look at other problems at the same time?

We always take everything in to account as things can be related when it comes to injury and pain. So we always want to know as much as possible, you can never tell us too much. Sometimes we might treat a few problems, other times we might just look at the injury, whichever is best and most effective.

Will it hurt?

Treatment sometimes might be uncomfortable, we don’t look to cause pain or pride ourselves in making people scream etc. We always work within a person’s own pain limits and relative to how they might be feeling.

What Injuries and areas do you look at?

At Performa Therapy, we are trained to degree level to work with and treat musculoskeletal problems, this includes muscle, joint and nerve. We have experience of dealing with issues from the head to the toe, problems such as back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain etc. We have experience and can treat people with these conditions alongside other conditions provided they are safe to do so, such as cancer and pregnancy for example.

Do I have to play sport?

This is quite easy- No, provided you have a musculoskeletal injury we will be able to treat it, if we are not happy or think it needs referring, then we can also do this.

What ages do you treat?

We are qualified to treat anyone with a musculoskeletal condition, within reason. We treat children and adolecents to elderly people. To make sure that coming to the clinic is suitable, there are requirements which will be ascertained prior to formally booking a session. The treatment sessions can be adapted for different people, no matter the age, just as people with different ailments and needs will be treated, no matter their age. Safeguarding measures are in place to make sure that vulnerable groups are protected. for further information, read our GDPR page at the bottom of the website.

I am have a disability, can I be treated?

We have and will continue to offer treatment to everyone, in fact it is why we enjoy the clinic so much, becasue we treat a wide variety of people. Please feel to contact us prior to coming to confirm the requiremnts and the suitability, if we are not able to fulfil these, we will help in finding a satisfactory alternative.

Do you do virtual appintments over laptop or phone?

Yes we do! we use a software called Rehab Guru, which is great as it allows us to have session online, but also provide resources such as pictures and videos of exercises. THe other benefit is the line is encypted, so the session is completely secure.