Autumn, ashes and another 70.3

Posted on 4th September 2019

So September is upon us, the summer holidays started to seem far way for some of our visitors this week, the schools returning and back to the routine of it all. There are still the ashes being played which keeps summer going a little longer. Here at the clinic our athlete Bex is about to go to the world 70.3 Ironman at Nice, this will be a good teat for her and she has prepped very well, there is more to tell on Bex later in coming month. We always enjoy September, both here at our Leyland clinic and sister clinic, Jonny (of Jonathan Collier Sports Rehabilitation) is still here and Bolton working hard, he has his athlete, boxing in a good match soon.

In daily clinic we are really enjoying making progress with pain management, improving range of moving and generally getting people back to moving and coping with daily life as much as possible. As we always say there is no magic cure; consistency, patience and good self management plan are key- people responding to this makes us very fulfilled indeed, so thank you to everyone on that note.