Graduating With A Masters Of Science With Distinction In Sports Medicine

Posted on 17th December 2022

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This week, (December 15th) I graduated from my Masters in Sports Medicine, to be awarded a distinction in this course is a special moment. This would not have been achieved without the help from the great academic team at the University of Central Lancashire- Karen, Jo, Russ, Adam and Simon (plus the great guest lecturers).

Second, thanks goes to my colleagues at Injury Mechanics for their support and help along the way, this allowed me to find a balance between clinic and study.

Thirdly, the support from everyone who came to clinic and recommended participants for my study, as well as the participants themselves - I could not have achieved this without you,

Last but not least is my wife Jasmine- it was intense and dominating in our lives for the last 2 years, her support allowed me to focus on university whilst creating a physical (house) and emotional environment to achieve this. This also applies to our friends who, along with Jasmine, had patience with my flakey nature and not attending certain events.

Thanks to everyone!