Heat and summer train

Posted on 27th December 2019

The Premier League football season has finished along with the football league (Preston were unlucky not to get in to the play offs). The rugby League season is well on its way with both the Super league and championship having their weekends coming up in Newcastle and Blackpool respectively.

Also this is the time of year when running increases for training for winter events or a lot of races occur around this point, with the Manchester 10k coming up this weekend and the London Marathon recently happening.With this in mind, when running in this type of heat it is important to be sensible and do a few things to make sure you can run safe and effectively, these are conversations that we have people in clinic:

  • Hydrate- this seems obvious but do it before and after, on longer runs also during
  • Not just water- make sure you get sugar and salts back in the system to enable optimal function of the body
  • Wear the right clothing, too much or clothing that does not allow the air to flow
  • Be sensible- do not aim for a world record, heat slows you down, especially if not used to running it, listen to your body and breathing rate!

These are simple tips which will help, there is more information on good quality running sites and by sports dieticians who can help further if you want to look more in to this

As always, thanks for reading