Marathons and more

Posted on 8th April 2019

Now we are in full swing for spring it is when the road runs really kick in, the month of April is particularly pertinent for this with the Manchester and London marathons. We have been helping people through their preparation for this which has; at it always is challenging and rewarding to see people to achieve their goals. For some people it is about a personal best, others is to their first, others is to do it after injury or sometimes with an late injury, these are the toughest, for everyone involved. The Manchester marathon appears to grow and grow; it always has good reviews, whilst London marathon is one of the pinnacles to be running in.

In future news on the website we will be posting some stories about people who have overcome these difficulties in order to give you an insight in to how this achieved both from a physiological and psychological perspective. We hope you enjoy these, for now keep on moving and keep performing, whether to help pain or to reach your goals.