Masters Degree In Sports Medicine Complete!

Posted on 29th August 2022

Masters Finished!

So, 2 years and my masters degree in Sports Medicine is complete. I thought now would be a time to talk about what I have learnt, how it has been to do and what it means for the future. The listing picture is a little snapshot of what I have been up to over the past few years. See Instagram or Facebook for more info at: Gus - Injury Mechanics

What have I learnt?

The easiest way to explain this is by listing the modules:

  • Sports Psychology
  • Sport Science
  • Advanced Injury & Rehabilitation
  • Advanced Trauma & Emergency Medical Management
  • Physical Activity & Disease - How exerccise helps with diseases such as heart, lung and diabetes conditions
  • Concussion, Head & Neck Injuries - How to manage this conditions
  • Research Methods -How to do reasearch
  • Dissertation - On knee pain with runners

    How has it been to partake and complete?

    Well firsty, without being melodramatic, it has been one of the hardest things I have done. However, it has also been a fantastic experience to push myself to different limits both professionally and personally. It has added to the way I work and what type of clinician I want to be. This is important and why I chose this course - not for titles or letters after my name.

    What does it mean for the future?

    I love treating people and helping people achieve their goals. If you read other blogs you will see a theme; Finding what you want to achieve from completing a running event, playing in your football, cricket, hockey, badminton team. This could be from reducing the aches and pain and muscle tightness. Or It can be from being able to develop a plan to manage chronic pain such as sciatica and shoulder and neck ache. There is a mix between managing injuries, pain and performance. Which is a big part of why we have set up the collective Injury Mechanics. To help you improve in what you want to do - low back pain or knee arthritis or rolling your ankle ligaments to living with painful conditions. In helping you achieve your performance targets - utilising those different skills and developing on those now learnt and improved within the Sports Medicine setting. So while it may be about sports, it is also more about healthcare and understanding those processes to help you in being able to manage those conditions along with goals.

    Further to future it will add to our plan in developing Injury Mechanics, to have a service that highlights those skills to people in a way that hasn’t been shown or is limited within the current settings of clinics. This job is more than a job - it is a passion about developing ourselves, learning and most importantly helping you from an injury, pain and performance perspective

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