Role of the Therapist

Posted on 8th February 2017

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The Role of the Therapist

For the First Blog in the Performa Therapy Blog series I have decided to go with the role of the therapist, because if you come to the clinic, it can have a major impact on your short and long term results, whatever they may be.

First to address is the ego of a therapist. We all have one, but how can this become an influence in to the treatment or performance process?Well maybe this is to do with medicine, advertisement, lay speak crossing over with marketing. Some therapists can believe they are there for the benefit of themselves, to show how good they are, how many skills they have- how many courses they have done, certificates collected etc.

How is this relevant to you, the general public? Well we live in a digital easily accessed age and as the advertisers know, the best form of advertising is the public. This has a benefit in a client centred business but in the YouTube videos, social media comments from someone you met once in 2006 or from Dr Google it can have detrimental effect. Why? Because it can be the ego of the therapist showing off on YouTube or thinking they should be doing what is the flavour of the month.

So that is a bit about ego, what about style? Everyone has their own style, skill set, professional experiences and, just as importantly, life experiences. This means their approach will be different, they could have the same goal to achieve but this might be done in different ways. This is fine as long as they are using clinical evidenced based knowledge through all the skills they have developed. Most is important is that is done with YOU in mind, not the ego or worst, it is easy, being the reason for the choice.

What is therapy? What’s the point? Well the role of any therapist is to help the individual in their quest to reduced pain, understand pain, live with pain, improve their movement, reduce the feeling of tightness, guide them through exercises and self management to name a few. There are no magic cures, if so we wouldn’t be working; there wouldn’t be a wide range of health professionals in this field. If you hear someone say they can or know someone who can, normally like most things in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it normally is.

What profession to choose? Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy, Sports Rehabilitation, Osteopathy, GP, Masseur, Chiropractor, Podiatry....... Well this decision is for you. The main thing is the outcome you want. Some may try to be everything to all people, this generally isn’t the case.

So there is a brief introduction to ‘Therapy of the body’ it means a lot to a lot of people in many guises. I like to think we are all under the banner of ‘The facilitators’ (sounds like a Quentin Tarantino movie) here help, serve and put YOU first..... (maybe a superhero one now)

Thanks for Reading and see you soon