Update On Injury Mechanics

Posted on 10th July 2021

Injury Mechanics Final Logo Stone Grey Sq Strap

What a few weeks the Euro 2020 has brought us and England in the final, whatever the result, the team has inspired with their hard work, belief and dedication. I supppore it sums up how I think, as clinicians, we should be for our patients and athletes. Speaking of this, as part of Injury Mechanics, we are in the development phase and currently have recruited a few new bodies, from clinicians to fitness professionals. The best way to find more information from us is via the instagram page for Injury Mechanics or Performatherapy and via Facebook it is also Performatherapy




This is the purpose of Injury Mechanics, I am an idividual working from and as Performa Therapy, but joining up with other professionals with other skills, we become greater than the sum of our parts, ultimately being able to offer you a service that covers your needs, from injury to pain to performance.