Winter is coming

Posted on 30th October 2018

Hands on back

The kids are back to school, with that brings Halloween, bonfire night and then Christmas to round up the year nicely. It also means the return of sports such as football and rugby as well as events like cross country season to name a few.

Training in these conditions can add stresses to the body such as increased work for muscle from a ‘heavy’ pitch. It is important that through this type of conditions or returning after playing for a while that recovery is dealt with correctly, this can be through light non weight bearing exercises, bike or swim for example. It can be achieved through having the right amount of rest days related to the sport or discipline. It can also be achieved by having regular sports massage and soft tissue treatment.

At Performa Therapy we like to try and help with all these aspects, not just a sports massage, because that alone will not help you achieve your goals, but combining this with good home exercises and training methods will lead to an improved outcome.