Cold and Wet Weather Advice

Posted on 19th February 2020

With the recent storm Ciara and Dennis plus the drop in temperature, we often get asked how to stay warm, dry and reduce the chance of injury.
Warm Up Indoors- this can allow the body to start generating heat before you leave and allow the muscles and joints to be ready for action.
Layers and Shoes- when doing activity outdoors people assume they will generate enough heat, however with cold and wet conditions, your body might not be able to be in a negative heat loss that it can’t recover from and has led many people from high level sports be affected.
Food & Drink- Especially for longer activities it is important to eat and drink because they both provide you with heat through the natural metabolic rise when consuming food, drinking is important in cold weather just as much hot as you will be still perspiring and need fluids to help in the regulation of cellular function and the body in general.
These are just some ideas and overall advice that is stated for outdoor activity, it is not sweeping advice and to discover more check the relevant websites and event that you do for more advice.