Everton Gomez Recovery from Fracture

Posted on 10th March 2020

Back in November 2019 Andre Gomez, a player for Everton FC suffered an unfortunate injury that resulted in a dislocation fracture to his right ankle. This was a very traumatic injury to the player, as well as the people who were on the scene. Watching the medical team deal with the situation so efficiently was very impressive and shows their training come in to action.

Recently there has been a video released by Gomez and Everton, who have been very good to show the process these players go through in recovery on a fracture, in this case the ankle. Attached at the bottom is the link I would urge you to watch, it shows the dedication and process that people go through, even when they have the best facilities and time, it shows that no matter the person it is normal to struggle and come back from injury.

This is a message we like to tell people when they come to Performa Therapy, it is a process, and with determination and patience you can achieve your goal, be this from an acute injury to a persistent pain. So, you too, can achieve and be like Gomez.