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Posted on 21st January 2023

🏃Free Running & Marathon Tips

📅A few weeks in to the new year and we have people coming in to clinic with plans ahead for the year, some with injuries and others with goals for these events.

So I thought I would go through some tips in order for you to achieve these goals whilst reducing injury:

⏩Consistency: This does not mean run every day or set days, it means aim for a regularity, for example 3 run as opposed to 1 run one week and 5 the next

⏩Distance is not always important: This sounds odd when training for a big event….. But with consistency and time you will hit these goals. Sometimes if fatigues from work etc. you might not be able to hit a certain target for that session. This is Ok! You will hit it next time.

⏩Strength & Conditioning: Strength has many connotations with it, but simply, it is very useful for running to enable the tissue capacity and can help hip-knee ailments that often occur. Each person has different requirements so does not need to be the same. This is something I will talk more about in future posts.

⏩Sleep, diet, Psychology and general wellbeing: These all could be individual information points, but I have lumped these all together because they follow the same message - Look after yourself and focus on the other areas of your life. This is lost in society to some degree in the sedentary population, let alone people training. Don’t sacrifice yourself for a training session as the repercussions can be much more than missing a session or not eating properly etc.

⏩These are just some points that I will go through more in the coming weeks to hopefully help you further

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