New year training tips for runners, cyclings, gym & more!

Posted on 3rd January 2023

New Year New You Watch Out For The Training Errors Some Tips To Help You Keep Moving Reduce Injury Chances

🗓️So 2023 has arrived and often we see people coming into the clinic with injuries sustained from this.

🎯It often leads to stopping the targets before they get going due to deflation, reduced motivation and feeling like the goal has failed before it even started.

👍Here are some simple tips on how to reduce the chances of injury:

➡️ Gradually increase - We see many people here at the clinic who try to increase their training too much too soon. A nice gradient, not a steep spike ids the target.

➡️ Recovery & Rest - Very important but people want to loose weight, get faster which results in tissue not having time to adapt.

➡️ Patience - The first 2 points are in this point. Having patience and knowing it will come together in time is key. Not easy but a common mistake

➡️ Strength & Conditioning - Often neglected in running, cycling type activities. This does not need to be in the gym, heavy or long. Some simple home exercises can make a big difference

➡️ Variety - Be a gym trainer or outdoor runner, a variety of training types will improve performance and offer different stresses to the body.

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