Positivity and its role in pain or injury

Posted on 29th January 2022

So the year has started with a bang, partygate, the Australian open and Novak plus COVID-19 continues, but some optimism we hope - although we are not out of the woods yet.

Positivity - this is the message I have been discussing with people this week - is so important as this has an important part of pain management, from sciatica, low back pain, knee or ankle joint and neck/shoulders in particular.

Not just being positive for positives sake, but for the result to make sure we recognise what is going on from a physiological point of view, then we can manage the symptoms, plan and help you achieve your goals, be that return to sport or just live a life with reduced pain!

Some simple tips can achieve this, if this interest you- get in touch via the links on this website or call us to find out more on 01772439015 or 07515572156